Do it For Yourself


Every day, we are putting hundreds of chemicals in our bodies through makeup, cleaning products, candles and air fresheners, deodorant and shampoo, flame retardants, pesticides, everything. Often even natural and organic products are not what they're made out to be. There are so many disruptors to our body and brain in almost every product out there!

What if instead of using products that hurt us so much, we could trade everything in for products that work better AND give our bodies clean and complete support? 

Young Living essential oils are 100% plant- nothing added and nothing taken away. You can clean your home with lemon and pine scented products, or you can clean your home with lemon and pine. You can put makeup on your body that is made from parabens and endocrine disruptors, or you can put makeup on your face that is made of nourishing and healing clays. You can light a fragrant candle that irritates your lungs, or you can diffuse therapeutic oils that are champions for respiratory health. You can wash your clothes and dishes with products that harm your body, you can even wash them with products that are relatively benign. When you choose Young Living, you are washing with products that are beneficial to your immune system and support entire well being. It's amazing!

Be empowered. Take control of your health, your body, your heart. Change the future for yourself, your babies, your friends. You are absolutely worth the change.

Erin BedenbaughComment