Dear Friends, what a complete joy oils are to my heart. Finding freedom here in these bottles and in this business is more than I have ever dared to dream. Meet me here. Let's be free together.

I'm a child of God, a wife, mama of two, a wildflower. I am a lover of simplicity, a gift giver, a homemaker. The first time I ever touched a pure essential oil, I was pregnant with my first girl. I was in labor, and my midwives put a couple of drops of orange and rosemary oils into my bath to cheer up my spirit during transition and give energy to my tired body. It worked so well, surprised me even in the midst of delivering a baby. My mom gifted me with a grounding blend after birth to keep my emotions steady in the waves of postpartum hormones and life with a newborn. I was in awe of what they did for me then, and I am still amazed at the new things I am learning each day about how these gifts from the earth work. Almost 4 years after that baby was born, and here I am, sharing these bottles that have so deeply changed the way I view health in our home. 

These oils go so deep within us. Past the skin. Into the heart. Into the blood, quite literally. There is a whole movement of men and women who have discovered health for their families through essential oils. It matters to me because I want the best for my body and for my children's bodies. I want the best for our home. I want the best in the air that we breathe. Young Living has given us the best, and I want to share that with all who want it. Be free with me!


Disclaimer: I'm just a mama who is doing the best thing for my family. This website is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any kind of illness or disease. If you're sick, talk to your doctor, love. Stay healthy out there!